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Pennsylvania posts $476.7m in total gaming revenue for April

Updated:2024-03-20 09:12    Views:146

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has posted its revenue report for April, showing that it made $476.7m in total gaming revenue across the state.

Breaking down the figures, it showed that slots were down by 2%, totalling $213m against 2022’s $217.8m.

Meanwhile, its iGaming revenue was 21% up on the same period last year, with $137.2m recorded in revenue across Pennsylvania.

Sports wagering revenue saw a steady increase of 10% at $37m.

Finally, table game revenue was down 8%, with a total of $84.3m against 2022’s $91m.

Compared to other states such as New Jersey and Michigan, Pennsylvania just beat Michigan’s sports betting revenue of $36.3m. However, total revenue in Michigan was significantly less than in Pennsylvania – with Michigan reporting $195.7m against Pennsylvania’s $476.7m figure.

Pennsylvania even topped New Jersey in terms of total revenue,Online Casino Games with New Jersey making $462.7m. But, New Jersey’s sports betting figures almost doubled those in Pennsylvania, with a sum of $72.3m compared to the latter’s $37m.

The AGA also released its total for the US as a whole, reaching $16.5bn – an increase of 15% from Q1 2022.

Bill Miller, AGA President and CEO, said: “After two full years of successive growth post-Covid, the US gaming industry has never been stronger.

“With records across every gaming vertical, from brick-and-mortar casinos to mobile gaming, American adults continue to choose gaming as one of their top entertainment options."